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Helen's Poetry

Among her many gifts, Helen Spencer Schlie  is an accomplished Poet whose work has been       recognized internationally.  Her induction into the International Poet's Society in 2013 attests to her standing among her peers.

From time to time some of her most treasured work will be shared with you via the above link.   Feel free  to  pass it on as you feel the inspiration.

“For over seven decades my intent has been to enjoy universal chords of shared emotions.  Therefore, individual poems may be copied or quoted for your personal use to illustrate a principle for a talk or for classroom use or to share with someone if the nature of the message can comfort, encourage, or touch the heart of any other who may be seeking as I was seeking.”

Helen Spencer Schlie

Recently Released Books
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Our Book of the Month

Norman Rothman tells his own story of his conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

He and his wife Annette moved into the First Presidency Ward in Salt Lake City, and lived there for 27 years in close association with all the General Authorities of the Church.

He wrote the book, had it published -- and no one asked him to do it -- and that explains the title of the book.

His testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith is compelling.

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The Trial of the Accused Assassins of Joseph Smith
Dallin H. Oaks and Marvin S. Hill
For over a decade scores of persons assisted the authors in this study. Many of the original documents were found in the Hancock County Courthouse, Carthage, Illinois where the trial was held in May, 1845. Involving many of the most prominent citizens of Illinois, the Afterword (page 217) tells of the later life of five of the defendants and their lawyers. (1979 Paperback)

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1905 printing
Alice Hegan Rice
Author of "Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch"
Illustrated with eleven charming pen and ink drawings, this turn of the century work tells the story of Lovey Mary, a young orphan girl given charge of two year old Tommy and how her love for him transforms her life.

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Abraham Lincoln gave the American Nation "A whole new birth of freedom" by tracing its first birth to the Declaration of Independence. In the space of just 272 words, Lincoln expressed his deep political experience in this, his revolutionary masterpiece. Gary Willis shows how Lincoln came to change the world to effect an intelectual revolution and how his words had to and did complete the work of the Civil War.
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Outlines of Ecclesiastical History
A Textbook 1979 Edition
Classics in Mormon Literature
by B.H. Roberts
First printed in 1893, the work is divided into 4 parts, seperated into sections and topics. An important collection of notes are found at the end of each section. Review questions guide any teacher or private student in individual study

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Mormonism Challenge and Defense
Rodger S. Gunn
First Printing 1973

It is intended for comparative study with non-LDS philosophies and doctrines. The author has presented a format that examines the criticisms of the doctrine and structure of the Church and presents scriptural support and analysis of the Restoration fo the Gospel

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ISAIAH Plain & Simple
Hoyt W. Brewster Jr.
A Side by side comparison of the writings of Isaiah as found in the King James Version of the Bible and in the Book of Mormon. Nephite prophets provide commentary on their Old Testament counterpart, commentary the Lord has preserved for our day.

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"If you or someone you know genuinely cannot understand how someone can be a faithlful Latter-Day Saint yet belong to the opposite political party, you will want to read this book."

Karl Snow BYU Professor

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This is the story of a modern expedition to find a civiliaztion in the interior of the earth. It is an expedition to the north pole using a futuristic helicopter to explore and confirm Admiral Bird's theory of the hollow earth .

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The Yankee and the Belle is a story of people who might remind the reader of their own heritage, in a real historical setting with real people.

Their adventures place them in romance, danger, and the conquest of the challenges of the human experience.

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Studies and Scriptures Genesis 2 Samuel Edited by Kent P. Jackson and Robert L. Millet.

The old testament is the foundation for understanding all of the other standard works. Each of the twenty articles provides insights into the message of the old testament and explains what it means to us in the latter days.

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Miracle on Palmyra's Main Street
by Gordon B. Wright
The very miracle of the printing of the 1830 Book of Mormon is explained by Gordon B. Wright, an "old time" printer.
Typesetting, presswork, and actual printing are explained in detail. All the binding was done by hand using a long sharp needle and bookbinding thread.
A little more than six months after Joseph Smith and Oiver Cowdery gave the "printer's copy" to the Grandin Press in August of 1829, the first copies were made available, just eleven days before the Church was organized on April 6, 1830.

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Polychrome Historical Haggadah
for Passover 1st Ed -1974
By Jacob Freedman D.D.
This Prayer Book is undoubtedly the repository of the history, theology and idealism of the Jewish people. Yet, it is the one book that has been neglected in adult education and in religious schools. This book opens new vistas of teaching and interpretation.

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Was $50 now only $30
Set in Stone Fixed in Glass
The Great Mormon Temple
and its Photographers

Construction of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City was completed on April 6, 1893. Nelson Wadsworth has assembled nearly 400 rare turn-of-the-century glass, copper, and dry-plate exposures, capturing the history of the Temple in a spectacular way.

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Was $50 now only $30
The First 100 Temples
by Chad S. Hawkins

"We are living in one of the most significant and important epochs in the history of the Church and in the history of God's work among His people.
We are living in the greatest era of Temple building ever witnessed."
       President Gordon B. Hinkley.
Chad S. Hawkins, author-artist brings together stories and seventy inspiring images to help us discover a deeper meaning of each Temple.
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Was $50 now only $30
Sacred Stone
The Temple at Nauvoo
by Heidi S. Swinton
Sacred Stone is the story of the building of the original Nauvoo Temple and the rebuilding of the same structure more than one hundred fifty years later.
It speaks of a people whose journey to find God began by embracing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. They shaped a House for God in stone and found within those walls blessings to fit them for the journey --- across the plains and home to their Father in Heaven.
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A Father's Handbook for Patriarchal Families Renewed attention is being given by Church leaders to a father's patriarchal responsibilities. Goal planning, father interviews and general "Forever Family" Concepts will help you attend to those personal matters unique to your family in your role as a prayerful father and your relationship to your Father in Heaven. Handbook.

$20 for Handbook
$50 for all three:
Free Shipping

This system complements the Father's Handbook and Journalizer as a perfect Father's Gift Package. This new edition of the Home Evening Organizer provides the popular aspect of containing all home evening materials in a singe place. In addition, a new section includes writings of Dr. Elliot Landau, a prominent LDS psychologist in family relatio,ns and Vaughn W. North, author of the Father's Handbook. Games and activities sections round out the Home Evening Organizer as an ideal tool to improve Family Home Evenings.

$11.95 for Organizer
$50 for all three:
Free Shipping

This is not just another journal. The same time-saving orgnizational aspect applied to the Father's Handbook have developed a new and unique approach to journal writing. As the name implies, this is a journal system. In addition to a removable journal section divided into five separate record-keeping categories, the Journalizer includes a pad of Personal History Notes for recording individual events or memories. These are then organized in an integral filing section formed in the deluxe padded binder. It all works together to overcome common organizational problems of journal writing.
$20 for Journalizer
$50 for all three:

Free Shipping

Old and Rare Books

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TELL IT ALL The Story of a Life's Experience in Mormonism.
An Autobiography by Mrs. T. B. H. Stenhouse, of Salt Lake City First Edition - 1875 With Introductory Preface
by Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe
Born in England in 1829, the author of "Tell It All" married American newspaperman T.B.H. Stenhouse, an elder of the Mormon Church and practicing polygamist. T.B.H. later became dissatisfied with some of the faith's practices. He and Fanny would eventually withdraw from the church. With her husband's support and encouragement, as well as a growing interest from the public, Fanny wrote her "true history by a real Mormon woman." Fanny Stenhouse arrived in Utah in 1857 with her husband, T.B.H. Stenhouse. Mr. Stenhouse was a missionary and elder of the Mormon Church and a practicing polygamist. Harriet Beecher Stowe says, "Let every happy wife and mother who reads these lines give her sympathy, prayers, and efforts to free her sisters from this degrading bondage.
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Was 125 now only $50
1879 First Edition History of Acadia by James Hannay.
The 4th of March, 1493, was a day of glad tidings for Europe and for mankind. Yet it was not the witness of any great triumph on the field of arms; nor the birth day of any man of illustrious name; nor the date of any royal pageant. But on that day a little bark, leaky, frail and shattered by the tempest, sought shelter in the port of Lisbon; no anxious merchant awaited her arrival; no salute thundered her a welcome, but she brought to the shores of Europe "the riches freight that ever lay upon the bosom of the deep--the tidings of a new world." And so begins this remarkable, unique history.
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The Signs of the Times
Elder Joseph Fielding Smith
Deseret News Press 1952.

Nine Discussions from 1942 to 1952 in relation to the return of the Jews and the creation of the Republic of Israel as the fulfillment of prophecy as it unfolds before our eyes. This is looking to the coming of the glorious reign of Millennial peace.

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The Presidents of the Church Truman G. Madsen
- Insights into their lives and teachings 2004
These leaders and their families endured some of the worst turbulence and trauma that the human soul can face. Having paid the sacrifical price of full discipleship, they emerged into life-transforming Mission. The dated chronology from 1801 when Brigham Young was born to 2001 when Gordon B. Hinkley dedicatedthe Temple in Boston Massachusetts as the 100th Temple of the Church includes all of the most important highlights of church history.

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Was 125 now only $100
From Boyhood to Manhood
1889 First Edition
Benjamin Franklin's Biography
The life of Benjamin Franklin is stranger than fiction. The tact, application, perseverance, and industry, that he brought to his life-work, make him an example for all time. He met with defeats; but they inspired him to manlier efforts. His successes increased his desire for something higher and nobler. His career furnishes one of the noblest examples of success for the young of both sexes to study. We offer his life as one of the brightest and best in American history to inspire young hearts with lofty aims. The first and principal source of material for this book was Franklin`s "Autobiography."

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Was 130 now only $100
The Women of Mormondom Photo Lithographic Reprint of Exact 1877 ORIGINAL EDITION Reprint Limited to 1,000 Copies - 1957 by Edward W. Tullidge,
This is the seminal work on the great women pioneers who helped to restore the church of Jesus Christ to the earth. It not only contains the best and most authoritative reference to their history, journals and correspondence, it is also the most complete and authoritative docrinal work on the divine feminine, the matriarichal order and the nature of our Heavenly Parents. It was written under the close supervision of Eliza R Snow, the great mormon poetess. It is also the account of the first women to vote and enjoy full equality with men. It is a clarion call to the women of the world to take their place as equal partners in leading the world out of darkness into light, and is a must read for anyone interested in mormon doctrine or Feminism. - Windy Shaffer
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Flavius Josephus (born 37AD) wrote the only remaining acccount of the utter destruction of Jerusalim and the Second Temple in the year 70AD. Josephus, unlike other writers, was present during the war, not as a bystander but, as a participant in the negotiations. The Romans employed him as an amassador between themselves and the Jews in the hope that Josephus could quell his people's passionate uprising.

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1908 First Edition.

The Prophet-Teacher
by B H Roberts.

This discourse was delivered at the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, held in honor of the one hundred and second anniversary of the Prophet's birth, 23rd December 1805. Hard Cover, Good Condition for its age. Judge by the Photo. This is a 105 year-old treasure. It can only increase in value in the coming years.

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Musings and Memories

by Emmeline B. Wells - 1896 Canon & Sons
Born in February of 1828, received her teaching certificate at age 14 - married at 15 after joining the Church - traveled to Nauvoo where she recognized Joseph Smith Jr. as a Prophet of God - widowed before age 17 after the loss of her baby son. She married Newell K. Whitney at 17. Her first daughter was born in a wagon in the midst of a wild, winter storm. Her second daughter was only 5 weeks old when Bishop Whitney died in 1850. A widow again at 22. At age 24, 1852, she married Daniel H. Wells. She was called to be general relief society President at age 82. She left her poetry and life's record in 46 diaries. This volume contains 119 of her poems.
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The Messiah in Ancient America - Bruce Warren & Thomas Stuart Ferguson - 1987 Book of Mormon Research foundation.
This book describes many discoveries from well documented sources. New Discoveries by archaeologists and other scholars are occurring at an increasing rate. This material concerning ancient codices (books). speaks of the birth, death, and resurrection of the Saviour.
Included is an impressive list of ancient cultural parallels between the old and new worlds.

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Three Mormon Classics
Compiled by Preston Nibly - 1st Edition 1944
Leaves From My Journal Wilford Woodrieff In his own words, relating his remarkable experiences in the early days of preaching the Gospel.
My First Mission George O'Cannon 1850 Mission to Hawaiian Islands. No other narrative exels his own account of his mission.

Jacob Hamblin by James A. Little. The recorded history of the famous scout and missionary while he was yet alive. Possibly the best account of missionary work among the Indians of the Southwest.

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Was $49.95 
now only $40

"Images of Faith, Art of the Later Day Saints" affirms the faith, the spirit and the unity imparted by the gospel to artists throughout the world. Some of the finest artwork from the Church's collection is presented in nearly 300 beautiful, full color plates.  Essays offer interpretive insights as well as historical cbackground.  This volume is a visual and historical treasure. 

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Was $75 now only $50

Promised Land. Includes 82 watercolors and 35 pencil sketches. Paintings of Abraham's Tomb, the Church of the Last Supper, David's Citadel, the Garden of Gethsemane, The Jordan River, Israeli children and much more Foreword by Leon Uris. Text by Abba Eban. Paintings by Gordon Wetmore. Published by Thomas Nelson 1978. Oversized oblong book. 167 pages.

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Was $75 now only $50

At age 97, Roberta Flake Clayton is herself a pioneer. Here she has collected the memoirs of seventy-six men who were instrumental in settling the state of Arizona.
These stories were written by the men themselves, or their descendants, and are told in their own words.

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If you are searching for a rare or old book, email us.
We probably have it or
will keep an eye out for it
and we will contact you.

Was $129.99 Now only $30

After reading this book, no one will be able to think of our galant foremothers as anything but bold and individualistic. And yet they moved always in harmony with their brothers, spoke in defense of home and community, lived for their children, and left a legacy of luminous records.
This book is a fitting antidote to stories of death on the plains, of savagery and cannibalish, of bleak prairie houses that so often have illustrated pioneer histories of the West.
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The events of history must be related to life if they are to have value. It is not so important that a student learn that Joseph Smith died in Carthage jail--that as a fact has no eternal value-- but for a student to experience testimony of the gospel so burning and real, that death for it is an easy thing--is quite another matter. It is not so important that the Saints were driven out of Missouri--but it is important that men and woman could have a faith in a better society, so firm that all the privations in Missouri could not quench or shake it.
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Was $75 Now only $50
Where did the Book of Mormon events take place? Ever since the book of Mormon has been published readers have asked this question. And the book itself provides some intriguing clues. But only recently has enough information come to light to make it possible to place the book in a plausible geographical, historical, and cultural setting. In this book, Dr. John L. Sorenson, chairman of the Department of Anthropology at Brigham Young unniversity, presents a credible model for an ancient American backgrond for the Book of Mormon.
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Was $150.00 now only $50
This is actually two volumes in one. Oldtown Folks was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1869. This book was published in 1911: It has always been a favorite idea of mine, that there is so much of the human in every man, that the life of any one individual, however obscure, if really and vividly perceived in all its aspirations, struggles, failures, and successes, would command the interest of all others. This is my only apology for offering my life as an open page to the reading of the public.

Free Shipping
Was $45.00 now only $30
Larry, Thoughts of Youth, is one of the most unusual books ever published. Larry has grown from obscurity to a best seller which has found thousands of readers in every walk of life.

Larry is the diary and letters of a college student, written without fear of critical eyes--the unspoiled frank expression of a young Jewish man spending a summer on a remote ranch in Arizona a heartrending human document that every father and mother should read.

Free Shipping
The Logan Temple was the second temple completed in the west and is one of the best known land marks in the State of Utah. This book is a history of the temple from the earliest days in Cache Valley to the present time. (1979) It tells the temple story from its earliest prophecies, through all stages of construction, the saw mills, the rock quarries, the lime kiln, the financing, the dedications, and its history through these 100 years. It tells of the love and devotion of the pioneers who sacrificed so much to build a house of worship.

His Many Mansions by Rulon S. Howells Copyright 1940, 12th printing 1961.
A comparative chart, and study of ten christian denominations. Twenty Three doctrinal questions are addressed.
The aim of this study is to give the various representatives of each denominatoin the opportunity of presenting their own interpretation of Christian Principles.

Free Shipping
$15.00 each or $50 Set

They Lie to Deceive
by Robert and Rosemary Brown

Four Volume set copyright 1981
4th Printing revised 1992.

The purpose of these volumes is to expose many of the untruths and deliberate misrepresentations of a major segment of the anti-Mormon movement.
Mormons and non-Mormons alike need to be aware of the tactics used by the advesaries.

One Volume $15

Four Vol Set $50

Free Shipping
Was $50.00 now only $30
Tongan Saints - Legacy of Faith
Translated and Edited by Eric B. Shumway
On July 15, in 1891, LDS Missionary efforts began in Tonga, herlding a long period of sacrifice and endurance.

Now a century later, Tonga has its own Temple, its own stakes, and the zeal among its members and their young people extend throughout the whole world. Contains rare photographs, personal experiences and testimonies sing of courage and conversion and their love for God and for each other.

Free Shipping

Please visit us often as we add more interesting books for you.

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This photograph was printed from an original unretouched negative made in 1864. It was made a few days before President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

It was originally hand tinted before color photography was available.

We are offering it printed on quality canvas. It is 24 inches by 18 inches with a two inch white border to fascilitate framing.

This is high quality material suitable for either museum wrap or gallery wrap mounting, using stretcher bars. It can also be framed in a conventional manner by stappling the canvas to the back of a suitable frame.

This $75 value is being offered for $50

Free shipping in a sturdy tube.
Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Was $16.95 Now $9.99

Original 1830 First Edition
Book of Mormon Pages.

These are Double-Faced, in a beautifully crafted Cherry wood Frame

This book was one of only 5,000 printed in 1830 by the Grandin Press in Palmyra, New York. The frame of each leaf is skillfully handcrafted of cherry wood from an old cherry tree at the birthplace of Joseph Smith Jr. in Sharon, Vermont by Gary Wiltse of Phoenix, Arizona, one of America's most talented craftsmen. Only six more can be made from this cherry wood.


Upon the advice of the Smithsonian Institute each leaf is protected between panels of museum-quality unbreakable acrylic and framed by acid-free matboard.

Each page is authenticated by the signatures of two renowned antiquities experts, Buddy Youngreen, Executive Director of the Joseph Smith Sr. Family, and Haybron Adams of the Special Collections Department at BYU.

It will be necessary to identify the pages you desire -- if they are still available -- by book, chapter and verse from a modern version. Please allow fifteen days for shipment.

$4,500 value
New Year's Special Good Through February 14th


Shipping is Free

Original 1830 First Edition
Book of Mormon Pages.

These are Double-Faced, in a beautifully crafted frame made from Purple Heart wood from Centeral and South America.

This book was one of only 5,000 printed in 1830 by the Grandin Press in Palmyra, New York. The frame of each leaf is skillfully handcrafted by Gary Wiltse of Phoenix, Arizona, one of America's most talented craftsmen. .

Upon the advice of the Smithsonian Institute each leaf is protected between panels of museum-quality unbreakable acrylic and framed by acid-free matboard.

Each page is authenticated by the signatures of two renowned antiquities experts, Buddy Youngreen, Executive Director of the Joseph Smith Sr. Family, and Haybron Adams of the Special Collections Department at BYU.

It will be necessary to identify the pages you desire -- if they are still available -- by book, chapter and verse from a modern version. Please allow fifteen days for shipment.

$4,500 value
New Year's Special Good Through February 14th


Free Shipping

Kerri Wilcock visited Helen's Old and Rare books and is shown holding a copy of the 1830 Book of Mormon.
Candace Brock is being photographed shown with a copy of the 1830 Book of Mormon at Helen Spencer Schlie's Old and Rare bookstore.

If you would like your photo on this website with this precious, rare book, stop by.

This beautiful 16 X 20 inch photograph of the Temple in Mesa, Arizona is yours for only $10

Receive a FREE 8 X 10 when you visit the store

Free Shipping)

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